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  • About ACOEM

  • Special Interest Sections

    ACOEM Special Interest Sections are open to members of ACOEM and provide meaningful networking opportunities and peer recognition for OEM professionals with shared interests. Sections play an integral role in the College in many ways including education, development of informational tools, generating position papers and advocacy.

    How to Join a Special Interest Section

    • To join online, CLICK HERE to login to MyACOEM and complete the Section form.
    • To join by phone, call 847-818-1800.

    As a Section Member… 
    You will have access to “mySections,” a special privilege of section members that enables you to contact other section members. To access your section's page, login to MyACOEM.

    For each section you have joined, your personal “mySections” page will include:

    • News and Events relevant to each section of which you are a member.
    • Official Documents pertaining to the sections’ interests as well as developments in the medical field as a whole.
    • Open Forums to share ideas and discuss initiatives.
    • Ability to connect with your colleagues, peers and leadership of your section.   
  • Special Interest Sections

    Academic Occupational Medicine

    Covers issues pertinent to occupational and environmental medicine education as well as promoting education and training of physicians who do or will practice OEM.

    Behavioral Health

     The function of our section is to create a forum for mentorship, networking, educational opportunities, and information regarding mental health, wellness, and substance use issues.  We are aligned with the WHO statement that “there is no health without mental health” and believe that our members can serve as leaders for fostering this idea with employers and patients.  

    Corporate Medicine

    For corporate occupational health directors whose primary practice or main interest is in corporate medicine.

    Environmental Health

    This section will conduct educational activities to address environmental health issues, and will coordinate its activities with other environmental health organizations and government agencies such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

    Federal and Military Occupational & Environmental Medicine

    Share information and discuss areas of mutual concern and interest among members who serve on active duty in the armed services or public health service.

    Finances and Practice Management

    Focuses on OEM practice management issues, especially marketing, adminstrative, regulatory, operational and financial issues unique to OEM practice in its many forms.

    Health & Productivity

    Develop consensus guidelines for the assessment and evaluation of measurements of productivity and systems for tracking such measurements in the workplace.

    Health Informatics

    The Health Informatics Section brings together physicians and other healthcare professionals who are interested in health information technology and issues related to electronic health records as well as a broader range of digital health.

    History and Archives

    Explores the history of occupational and environmental medicine and the historical forces that shaped it, documents the history of ACOEM and its component societies, and educates College members, colleagues, and the public on the history and traditions of OEM.


    For physicians with an interest in international medicine, this section serves as a focal point for health care professionals desiring information on OEM around the world.

    Medical Center Occupational Health

    Provides opportunities for participation in educational sessions, open forums, and Internet guideline updates for those with a particular interest in the health and safety of health care facility employees.

    Medical Review Officers

    Medical Review Officers who are interested in current topics in occupational and environmental medicine.

    Occupational Physicians/Physician Assistants/Nurse Practitioners Section

    Encourages use of a team concept between the physician/physician assistant/nurse practitioner in the area of occupational and environmental medicine.

    Physicians in the Pharmaceutical Industry

    Promotes dialogue pertaining to the occupational and preventive health issues of the pharmaceutical industry.

    Private Practice in Occupational Medicine

    Representative voice of ACOEM physicians who are involved in the frontline practice of clinical occupational and environmental medicine.

    Public Safety Medicine

    Focuses on occupational & environmental concerns regarding fire, police, correction officers, crossing guards, and other public safety professionals.

    Residents and Recent Graduates

    An exchange forum for residents or recent graduates of occupational medicine residency and fellowship programs.


    Covers issues related to the health and safety of individuals in various transportation industries.

    Underserved Occupational Populations

    Forum for those interested in special occupational health problems experienced by underserved populations such as migrant workers, off-shore commercial fisherman,loggers, hospitality workers, etc.

    Work Fitness & Disability

    Work Fitness and Disability Section E-Group 

    Physicians with special interests in disability prevention and management, return to work planning, as well as accurate work fitness and disability/impairment determinations.