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    OEM Health Professionals: Keeping the Workforce Healthy

    As the nation’s workplaces become more complex, occupational and environmental health specialists play an increasingly visible role in preventive disease and promoting wellness among workers.

    Employers are now making the connection between the good health of the workforce and the overall success of their enterprises. In this environment, the demand for physicians and other professionals trained in understanding the complex interplay of factors that affect worker health has grown significantly.

    What does an occupational and environmental physician do?

    Residents and StudentsAs highly trained specialists, OEM physicians and other health professionals enhance the health of workers through preventive medicine, clinical care, disability management, research, and education.
    OEM professionals have expertise in determining the ability of employees to perform work; the arrangements of work, the physical, chemical, biological, and social environments of the workplace, and the health outcomes of environmental exposures.

    They recognize that work and the environment in which it is performed can have favorable or adverse effects upon the health of workers as well as of other populations; that the nature of work can be arranged to protect worker health; and that health and well-being at the workplace are promoted when workers’ physical attributes or limitations are accommodated in job placement.

    OEM PhysicianThey are skilled at using the tools of preventive medicine to improve the health of workers and their families, and they are trained in the complex Return-to-Work process, an advanced system of health monitoring that optimizes the time in which ill or injured workers can safely return to work.
    Perhaps most importantly, occupational health professionals occupy a critical position at the center of virtually all health-related transactional activities in the workplace. They are connected to all of the other parts of this complex infrastructure—senior management, benefits and human resources, legal, worker’s compensation, government regulatory agencies, labor and unions, hospitals and public health organizations. They are a fulcrum of workplace health—understanding the needs and challenges of each of these diverse groups. They provide a unique bridge between the clinical/scientific medical community and the business-based employer community.

    The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) represents nearly 5,000 physicians and other professionals specializing in occupational and environmental medicine. Founded in 1916, ACOEM is the nation’s largest medical specialty society dedicated to research, education and the support of professionals in this critical area.

    So, how can ACOEM be beneficial to Students and Residents?
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    • Scope of Occupational and Environmental Health Programs and Practice An ACOEM position statement written by a special task force of ACOEM members to highlight the background of OEM and the growing need for OEM going forward.
    • ACOEM E-News An electronic newsletter sent out once per month to keep members informed on the field and what is happening at ACOEM.
    • ACOEM Science in the News A weekly electronic newsletter on developments in the field.
    • Continuing Education Courses Further your education by registering for ACOEM’s courses on Foundations of Occupational Medicine, Medical Review Officer, Work Disability Prevention, Spirometery and more!  Members receive discounted registration!  
    • The Annual American Occupational Health Conference Attend the “most important meeting in the field of OEM” for the “most extensive educational offerings in Occupational and Environmental Health each year.” ACOEM’s top-rated annual meeting with an always impressive list of speakers and topics. 
    • Log in to MyACOEM A personalized webpage that is your “member-to-member portal.”  
    • ACOEM Career Center The official online career center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine professionals. Whether you are looking for a new job opportunity, or searching for a top professional, the career center provides a one-stop shop. This online recruitment resource can be found on the What is OEM tab on the ACOEM Web site.  
    • SpeakerOEM Practice Settings and Careers Teleconferences ACOEM-sponsored series of informal teleconferences where loyal ACOEM members “tell their story.” Topics discussed are their path to their current area of practice, what their day-to-day to work looks like, recommendation on how to enter the field, what the job market is like, and more wisdom for those just starting out.  
    • Globe23 Local Component Societies and 18 Special Interest SectionsFor a quick overview of the rich resources of all the Component Societies, which you have access to as a Member of ACOEM, go to the Component Society Showcase!
    • Broad list of OEM Resources, Books, Subscriptions and Materials ACOEM members receive discounted pricing on all literature!  

    Some places to begin… 

    • NEW for Resident Members!! Resident members now receive complimentary membership to the Residents and Recent Graduates Special Interest Section as well as TWO additional sections free of cost!
      E-mail for more information OR to select your two sections. Click here to read more on this new program.  
    • Network, Network, Network! With your peers or with practiced colleagues in the various disciplines that come together to form Occupational and Environmental Medicine!  Opportunities are available through your local component society, educational courses and at ACOEMs annual conference (AOHC)! 
    • The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, critically-acclaimed, print version is mailed to Resident Members monthly.  Online archive is available to both Medical Student and Resident Members!
    • Mentoring from some of the top physicians and health professionals in the field of OEM.