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  • About ACOEM

  • Medical Center Occupational Health Section


    Chair: Amy Behrman, MD, FACOEM

    Vice Chair for Membership: Rebecca Guest, MD, MPH, FACOEM

    Vice Chair for Education: Rachel Leibu, MD, MBA, MS

    Vice Chair for Communications: Lori Rolando, MD, FACOEM

    Secretary/Treasurer: Tanisha Taylor, MD, MPH, FACOEM

    Immediate Past Chair: Melanie Swift, MD, FACOEM 

    Who Should Join 

    ACOEM members who care for healthcare workers, or whose activities address the range of exposures common to medical centers.

    How to Join 


    • To join online, CLICK HERE to login to MyACOEM and complete the Section form.
    • To join by phone, call 847-818-1800.



    1. To provide educational opportunities to ACOEM members wishing to further their knowledge of medical center occupational health. 
    2. To provide forums for discussion of current medical center occupational health issues. 
    3. To address through ACOEM Guidance Documents or Position Statements salient issues of healthcare workers.
    4. To participate in national dialogue and provide input to federal guidance around medical center-based occupational health issues. 

    Highlighted Activities