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  • About ACOEM

  • Increasing the Value of Your ACOEM Membership: How to Get Involved in ACOEM

    One of the best ways to increase the value of your ACOEM membership is to get involved in a special interest section, a component society, the House of Delegates, or a task force/committee. Participation on any of these levels, while sometimes requiring a major time commitment, is truly rewarding and will provide you with recognition among your peers.

    ACOEM Special Interest Sections

    Within ACOEM, Sections are important special-interest affinity groups. They run their own meetings, collect dues to fund projects of their choosing, and act like small specialty societies. Sections produce documents or guidelines that are directly useful in the field. These tools and ongoing discussions via listservs, websites and teleconferences provide Section members the opportunity to remain up to date on issues of relevance. A member who becomes involved may expect to progress to Section leadership.

    Component Societies

    An important path to involvement is through the local component medical societies. This pathway strengthens the College on the state and regional level with dinner meetings and day-long professional conferences. Component society leadership naturally leads to involvement with the House of Delegates.

    House of Delegates

    Another important pathway to involvement in ACOEM is through the House of Delegates. The House can best be described as a national advisory body on policy that reflects the views of members, component society leadership, and Section leadership. The House makes recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning policy matters affecting the College. These policy issues take the form of resolutions.

    Committees/Task Forces

    ACOEM committees and task forces are another important portal for members. Committees have restricted membership and serve a major role in preparing statements and policies for the College as well as managing important functions, such as bylaws, ethics, etc. They are expected to be responsive to College requests and priorities.

    Resources for ACOEM Members

    •  Advice and Forum for New Members. Found under MyACOEM at, this provides a wealth of resources to help new members become oriented to all that ACOEM has to offer. The New Member Forum is a place where questions can be asked and answered, and conversations started. Members may also pursue a topic in private. Advice from peers is often the best advice!
    • Two collections of resources on the public homepage: one for Those New to Occupational and Environmental Medicine and the other for Residents/Students.

    Leadership in ACOEM

    Of course, the more involved you are, the more valuable you will find your College membership because ACOEM is above all an interactive network. We encourage and welcome your active involvement, and we will assist you in your career development and advancement in the life of the College!