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  • About ACOEM

  • Membership FAQs

    How do I join?
    You can join online anytime on our secure site, download and fax your application to 847-818-8347, or call ACOEM Member Services at (847) 818-1800 (press ‘1’ at the prompt).

    Who is eligible to be a member of ACOEM?

    Membership in ACOEM is open to:

    ActiveDoctors of medicine or osteopathic medicine who have an interest
    in occupational and/or environmental medicine.

    Non-physicians who have attained the doctorate level degree of
    PhD, ScD, DrPH, or EdD in an occupational and environmental
    health discipline, a master's level degree or other advanced training in a realted field, or are a certified Physician Assistant, licensed Nurse Practitioner, or a certified Occupational Health Nurse (COHN).


    Full-time residents, who have an MD or DO degree, with an interest in occupational and environmental medicine. Membership in the Residents and Recent Graduates (RRG) Special Interest Section is included with resident membership. Resident members receive free membership in two additional Special Interest Sections. 

    Medical StudentFull-time medical students, earning an MD or DO degree, with an interest in occupational and environmental medicine. 

    What are the annual national dues for ACOEM membership?

    Retired Physician$95 **
    Medical StudentFree Membership


    ** $25 for Retired Physicians who do not subscribe to the Publication Package. The Publication Package includes the monthly print copies of the JOEM.

    ACOEM Component Society Annual Dues

    • All ACOEM members are required to be members of a component society  where one is available. You are assigned to a component society based on your work address, but may request membership in an adjacent component society.
    • Members residing outside the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico are considered “Direct” members and pay no component dues.
    • Component dues are waived for Medical Student/Resident/Retired members.

    Important Membership Fee Information

    • A $40 application fee is required with all new applications for membership (except student/resident applications).
    • The ACOEM dues year runs from January 1 through December 31. New members who join after June 1 will pay 1/2 the full-year national and component society dues.  This does not apply to  Resident memberships. New members who join after October 1 will be paying membership fees for the following year (and will receive the remainder of the current year free of charge.)
    • Dues (including component society fees) are payable in full at the time of application.

    What type of membership does ACOEM offer to physicians who are retired from active medical practice?
    An Active Member who has been a member of ACOEM for at least 5 years, has attained an age of sixty-five (65), and who no longer practices medicine shall be eligible to become a retired Member. Upon retiring, a member may apply to the Board of Directors for retired status by contacting Member Services at 847-818-1800 (press ‘1’ at the prompt) or e-mail Retired members may retain their Fellow or Master designation as long as they retain their annual membership in ACOEM. Retired members do not pay component society dues.

    I am 60 years old and working less than 40 hours per week. What dues do I pay?
    Physicians pay their annual national and component society dues until they are fully retired, have been a member for at least 5 years, and have attained the age of 65 years.

    When will I be asked to renew my ACOEM membership?
    ACOEM membership is based on a calendar cycle and membership expires on December 31 of each year. However, you may renew your membership as early as October.

    How long before I receive my member benefits?
    Your membership should be posted within one week of receiving your documentation and payment. You should receive a Membership Kit, which includes a copy of the JOEM and other membership information, approximately 2 weeks after your membership is posted. Please allow 6-8 weeks to receive your subsequent issue of JOEM. You will receive your electronic subscription to ACOEM's Science in the News weekly, and E-News monthly.

    How do I update my address or phone number?
    You may update your information in several ways:

    • Log into the MyACOEM area in the upper right hand corner of the home page. Enter your E-Mail Address login (the e-mail address you have on file with ACOEM) and Password (if you have not changed your Password, the default is your Member ID). Click on the MyProfile tab on the top of the page. In MyProfile you may edit your contact information by clicking on Edit Profile on the left sidebar. Be sure to select either your Home or Business Address as your “preferred mailing address”. ACOEM will contact you and send all correspondence, including JOEM  to this address.
    • E-mail your changes to
    • Call Member Services at 847-818-1800.

    What is “MyACOEM”?
    Certain pages of the ACOEM website are available exclusively to ACOEM members and require an E-Mail Address Login and Password for access. These pages contain information, tools or services that are part of your member benefits. MyACOEM also includes pages for your component society and all sections and committees of which you are a member.

    How do I access JOEM Online?
    Visit and click on the MyACOEM Login in the upper right hand corner of the home page. Enter your E-Mail Address Login (the e-mail address you have on file with ACOEM) and Password (if you have not changed your Password, the default is your Member ID). Click on Online JOEM and then select the “Click here to access JOEM ONLINE” button. You are now logged into JOEM Online and may begin your search.

    Who should I contact with questions about my membership? Questions? Call ACOEM Member Services at 847-818-1800 or e-mail us at

    What is the ACOEM Find a Doctor Service?
    Find a Doctor (or "Doctor Finder") is a free public searchable database of ACOEM members who choose to have their specialties, areas of expertise and contact information listed. This allows members to be contacted for referrals, consulting opportunities, and other professional reasons. To opt in to Doctor Finder, simply email with your name and say "List me in the Doctor Finder". You may also opt in to Doctor Finder from MyACOEM by clicking on Edit Profile, then edit Other Information.