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  • Foundations of Occupational Medicine Online Training — Collection 1

    3 Hours of Online Content — Available Now!

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    Are you:

    • seeking broad knowledge in occupational medicine (OM)?
    • in primary care and want to expand your services into this area of growing demand?
    • looking for a review of OM topics for tips in managing occupational populations?

    If so, increase your knowledge and confidence with this comprehensive introduction to the practice of occupational medicine (OM). 

    Foundations of Occupational Medicine Online Training is offered in three-hour collections of content modules providing exposure to content not offered in the 2017 Foundations live course.

    In this three-hour collection of online training, you will gain knowledge on:

    • Noise and Occupational Hearing Loss: describe the causes and effects of noise induced hearing loss 
    • Hearing Conservation Programs: recognize noise measurement and learn control strategies
    • Occupational Cancer: define measures to reduce occupational cancer risk
    • Graduated Return to Work: summarize the role of the physician in return to work
    • Return to Work Barriers: discuss effective screening for return to work obstacles
    • Communication: identify effective strategies for communicating with patients, insurers and employers.
    • Causation: explain methods for correctly assigning cause to observed effects in occupational medicine  


    Two days of the Foundations of Occupational Medicine course are delivered live at the annual American Occupational Health Conference each spring.  The live course, along with online training modules offered here, are a rich combination, featuring fundamental content designed specifically for physicians and healthcare professionals who wish to expand or build on existing skills and experience in OM. This two-pronged educational opportunity — live course and online modules — will give you tools that empower you to take your practice to the next level.

    The overall objectives of ACOEM’s Foundations of Occupational Medicine course, live and online, are to provide physicians and other healthcare professionals with:

    • A practical and comprehensive introduction to occupational medicine (OM), and
    • Information critical to managing the clinical, regulatory, and administrative functions of an OM practice at a primary care level.
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    Price per three-hour collection

    ACOEM Member: $159
    Associate Member: $99
    Non‐member: $219
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