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  • Healthy Workforce Now

  • Healthy Workforce Now: ACOEM’s Agenda For Change

    As part of its Healthy Workforce Now initiative, the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) has developed a 10-point advocacy Agenda for Change to helpHealthy workforce Now logo guide its efforts to improve the health of America’s workers and at the same time integrate workplace health more closely with the nation’s overall health improvement strategies. The 10-point Agenda provides a snapshot of what ACOEM is trying to achieve overall as an organization and is the framework upon which all of the College’s programs and activities will be built.

    The Agenda serves as a road map for informed public policy at the state and federal level. ACOEM members are encouraged to use the Agenda in their own company/practice, and/or use it to support ACOEM’s activities by becoming familiar with the Agenda and helping raise awareness of its existence with colleagues to establish a national culture of health in the workplace. Physicians can also play a key role in this effort in their own practice and/or by working with their employers to develop and implement strategies based on the relationship between health and productivity. 

    To assist in raising consciousness of the Agenda, ACOEM has created an Agenda for Change packet for physicians to use and to disseminate to their employers and peers. The 3-piece packet includes:

    By implementing these strategies, physicians can play a major role in lowering health risks, reducing the burden of illness, improving wellness and human performance, reducing workplace illness and injury, and enhancing the quality of life for both workers and their families, while reducing total health-related costs.

    Healthy Workforce Now: ACOEM's Agenda for Change was developed by the ACOEM Council on Public Affairs — Pamela Hymel, MD, and Charles Yarborough, MD, co-chairs. It was approved by the Board of Directors at its February 2012 meeting.