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  • Continuing Education

  • ACOEM’s Role in the MOC Program

    ACOEM’s objective is to guide American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM) diplomates in completing the four components of Maintenance of Certification© (MOC), as set forth by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). We offer multiple educational opportunities to facilitate completion of the four components of certification.

    Earning MOC Credits 
    The majority of ACOEM’s educational offerings have been approved for MOC credit and are accessible via our Continuing Education Center

    Although MOC is often confused with CME, the requirements and credits are different.  MOC credits will be listed alongside CME information for ACOEM’s educational offerings. If you are unsure whether a specific program or recording offers MOC, please contact the ACOEM Education Department at 847-818-1800 or

    If an ACOEM program does not meet your schedule or time constraints, LLSA/MOC activities from other organizations are available through ABPM’s Activity Search Menu

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    How does ABPM know I earned MOC Credits through ACOEM? 
    Upon completion of the educational program, ACOEM will provide you with information to complete and return to our office that verifies your attendance. ACOEM will then submit your credit information to ABPM.  Credit information is submitted to ABPM on a weekly basis. 

    How do I track my MOC Credits?
    The ABPM Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Online Center allows you to track your activities and view the LLSA/MOC activities you have completed toward meeting the Lifelong Learning and Self-assessment requirement.

    Insider Hint: While ACOEM submits credit status weekly it may take a few weeks for your recently earned MOC credits to be displayed in ABPM’s online center, as their system is updated manually. 

    Can ACOEM help me prepare for the certification / re-certification exam? 
    (MOC Part 3: Assessment of Cognitive Expertise) 
    Yes! Twice a year ACOEM holds its popular Occupational Medicine Board Review course. This two day, in-person offering covers topics relevant to the rigorous ABPM occupational medicine examination and provides sample questions and guidance for preparation and test-taking strategies. Upon conclusion of the course, ABPM offers its Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Exam for re-certifying physicians. Exam registration is available through ABPM. 

    To learn when this course is offered next, download ACOEM’s yearly course schedule in the Courses section of our Continuing Education Center

    Insider Hint: You are not required to sit for ABPM’s MOC Exam immediately following the course. Also, you are welcome to attend the course at any point in your exam preparation process. 

    How Can ACOEM help me meet the Part 4: Assessment of Practice Performance requirement? 
    At the request of the American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM), ACOEM has developed the program outlined within a booklet to assist you in completing MOC Part 4 requirements. You should plan on completing the booklet over the course of a minimum of 6 months, with an additional 60 days for the formal review process of your module. Learn more about our Part 4 Booklet.

    Can I use a pre-existing quality improvement project to meet my Part IV requirement?
    At this time, ACOEM is not able to provide ABPM MOC Part 4 credit for pre-existing quality improvement projects.