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  • Highlights from the 2014 American Occupational Health Conference (AOHC)

    The 2014 American Occupational Health Conference (AOHC®) held April 27-30, 2014, in San Antonio, Texas, was attended by more than 1,100 occupational and environmental health professionals.

    You Can Still “Participate” in AOHC 2014!

    Even if you could not attend this year’s meeting, there are still a number of ways to participate in AOHC 2014 and earn up to 106 CME/MOC credits! In partnership with our recording company, Mobiltape, ACOEM is providing an on-line library of AOHC 2014 session recordings. If you attended AOHC and want to receive additional CME or MOC credits – or if you did not attend and want to earn up to 106 CME credits – this is the opportunity for you! To purchase the on-line library of conference sessions and/or the CD-Rom or MP3 versions, download the Mobiltape order form. Purchase of this product is required for earning CME credits through the AOHC distance-learning activity.
    Special pricing for AOHC 2014 attendees!    

    AOHC 2014 Distance Learning Activity Packet

    This packet includes:
    Activity format, estimated time to complete the activity, learning objectives, continuing education credit information, registration information, and activity fees
    Summary of Credit Availability & Claim Tally
    Post Test & Answer Key
    Faculty Index & Disclosure Information
    Evaluation & Credit Verification Form

    PLEASE NOTE: Distance-learning CME expires on June 30 of the year following each AOHC. So the AOHC 2014 CME offering expires June 30, 2015.

    Purchase the Conference Recordings

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    Conference Attendee Information

    Don't forget to submit your Attendance Verification Form to claim AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ and ABPM MOC credits. 

    Membership Engagement Initiative: The Message Begins with ME!

    Dr. MuellerDuring the 2014 AOHC in San Antonio, 2014-2015 ACOEM President Kathryn Mueller, MD, launched a new effort designed to raise the visibility of occupational and environmental medicine (OEM) by working at the grassroots level -- with individual ACOEM members helping promote the role and impact of OEM physicians in health care. Using the theme "The Message Begins with ME," Dr. Mueller is encouraging all ACOEM members to become "brand ambassadors" in a way that will benefit their individual practices, the specialty as a whole, and ACOEM. We caught up with Dr. Mueller after the AOHC to discuss the initiative.

    The Message Begins with MeQ: What prompted the launch of "The Message Begins with ME"?

    A: Our specialty is doing well, but I believe there is still a general under-recognition of the role occupational and environmental medicine plays within the overall medical community. That's also true within the employer and corporate community. Even people that OEM specialists work with frequently may not fully understand the special skills we bring that differentiate us from others practicing in primary care. It's important for our medical colleagues, employers, and the public in general to have a better sense of who we are and what we do, and for the next generation of OEM specialists to know about and be interested in our profession.

    Q: What does the initiative entail and what are you hoping to achieve through these efforts?

    A: The goal is to encourage every ACOEM member to recognize that each of their individual voices actually has a lot of power in advancing our specialty. It isn't just our elected representatives, the ACOEM Board or the House of Delegates who have an impact in raising our visibility. Imagine the result if more than 4,000 physicians, as a part of their weekly professional work, devoted a little time to promoting OEM within their own personal circles of influence. There is so much energy and passion within our membership and my hope is that we can channel and leverage that more effectively as personal ambassadors of OEM. If OEM is better known, our specialty obviously benefits, but more importantly, if the health care system makes better use of the skills OEM specialists have -- health in the United States will be improved. That's really the ultimate goal.

    Q: What are some of the most important messages you believe various stakeholders should know about OEM?

    A: For me, one of the most important things we need to get across is that our specialty is perfectly aligned with many of the most important trends in health care. As an example, there is a new emphasis on outcomes and value in the health delivery system. As workforce health specialists who try to get people back on the job, that's one of the things we do best -- deliver value and results by returning patients to function and productivity. The uniqueness of our background is also important. We have strong epidemiological training and expertise, making us perfectly suited for the growing focus on the health of populations. We have been doing population health management for a long time and we are skilled at it. And there are many more trends on the horizon that we are well-prepared for -- one great example is aging in the workplace, which is going to become more and more visible. The bottom line is that we have an increasing level of relevance because of our unique training and our ability to deliver things that the health care system needs. That's what each of us needs to be conscious of as we talk about OEM with our colleagues and personal circles of influence.

    Q: How can members participate?

    A: The first thing is to simply remember to talk about our specialty with those in your inner circles. When someone asks what you do, remember that we have a story to tell that is much greater than "I'm an OEM physician." The bigger story is that we work in a field of medicine that has a vision for a healthier nation through healthier workplaces and that each of us is working to help individuals achieve one of the most important elements for personal fulfillment -- a productive and satisfying work life. The idea behind "The Message begins with ME" is that if each ACOEM member conveys his or her enthusiasm and passion for OEM individually, the entire specialty benefits. Beyond that, I encourage members to dig deeper into the materials and resources ACOEM makes available at our website. In addition to useful background material to help you promote OEM with your inner circles, you will find all kinds of tools for your day-to-day practice.